Butter Block & Co
81 layers of lamination

About the Bakery


The journey thus far... 

Butter Block is a small hidden bakery on the busy streets of 17th Avenue. Despite being snuggled away in the Devenish Building, we truly believe the smell of the baked goods is what’s bringing customers in!

How it all got started:

  • Sep 2016: Karen started baking cookies for Monogram coffee

  • Nov 2016: Decisions decisions decisions. What to name the company? “Butterblock” VS. “Butter on Butter” VS. “The Croissant Girl” (some of us are glad “The Croissant Girl” didn’t win)

  • Dec 2016: Nailing down our recipe for croissants, rolling 300 croissants a day for practice

  • Jan 2016: Learning how to start a business from scratch

  • March 2017: Launching the company on Instagram and creating the stuffed croissant

  • May 2017: Our first pop-up shop at The Livery Shop where we were finally able to meet our supporters from Instagram, and were welcomed with lovely greetings and valuable feedbacks

  • June 2017: The search for a long-term kitchen begins – Sitting area or not sitting area? Retail or no retail? Do we get a permanent spot at the Farmer’s Market? Working 4 days a week sounds pretty amazing!

  • July 2017: Learning the business side of baking

  • Aug 2017: Launching our logo (choosing the design, color, shapes, details… etc. Should we have a girl holding a croissant?)

  • Sep 2017: Starting our fixed-term pop-up shop to test out foot traffic, location, and meeting our customers. We learned through this pop-up that most customers saw the sesame flavour as foreign, but loved it enough to keep coming back for it!

  • Oct 2017: Saying yes to opening up a bakery (acting as Karen’s 29th birthday gift to herself)

  • Nov 2017: Learning the process to buying commercialized baking equipments

  • Dec 2017 Designing the layout of the bakery

  • Feb 2017: GRAND OPENING!!

Store menu

This is our regular menu, but please come in and see what we are featuring today! Every Tuesday we will be offering $2.50 per treat to test what we're playing around with that week! #testruntuesday


Stuffed Croissants (Sweet) 


Pain Au Chocolate 

Cheese & Seed 

Spicy Cheese Knot 

Cheese & Salami 



Double Sesame

Croissant Sandwiches
Choice of Plain or Cheese & Seed Croissant

Tomato Jam, Lettuce & Salami

The Green Croissant
Avocado, Cucumber, Lettuce & Herby Cream Cheese

Banana & Nutella
Nutella/Peanut Butter, Banana & Milk Crumbs

Baba Ganoush
Spinach, Roasted egg Plant & Crispy Onions

Spicy Hummus
Spinach, Spicy Hummus & Banana Peppers


Other Baked Goods



Bread Pudding 

Cinnamon Bun 

Banana Bread


Truffle Mushroom 

Apple Cheesecake 

Lemon Pie